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About Us

Daepac Industries Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1996 to support the vast activities of its clients. The principal activities of Daepac are custom metal stamping, multi-slide parts and mechanical assemblies to serve the global market. Daepac constantly strives to improve the design, quality and delivery.


Engineering &
Design Services

The design stage is a critical phase in the metal stamping process. The proper design ensures the right manufacture ability. And planning for possible future tool modifications during the design stage can save time and money during late development.

Our Engineering Department is ready to meet even your toughest challenges. We use the latest CAD software and Solid Works 3D modeling from concept to reality.Our designs are efficient and accurate with the ability to demonstrate even the most complex designs in a simple visual model.


Our innovative and experienced design team provides complete design services from concept through production.We work with you to create tool designs to help reduce manufacturing costs and assure efficiency in die maintenance to lower your overall production expenses.


Our Services

Design Software
AutoCAD and CAD Engineering
Compatible File Formats: AutoCAD(DWG, DXF), IGES
Design Services: 3D Modeling Assistance with design
Design Software
Compatible File Formats: Solidworks STP
Design Services: Simulation Services
Our Certification
©2021 by Daepac. Metal Stamping Malaysia