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Progressive Die and Tooling

Our engineering and design staff work to ensure that our customers get the most cost-effective tooling. Therefore, we can offer customers lower tooling costs and shorter lead times.
Our tooling capabilities include the design and manufacture of simple progressive dies, complex progressive dies with automatic feeding and assembly of components, and slide tooling for both wire form and flat stock. Additional tooling capabilities include many types of jigs, fixtures, gages and other custom assembly tooling for your complex projects.
If you have idea and concept, we will transform it into the realistic device or machine that will help your production advance in quality, output and efficiency as well as cost saving production.



All fixtures

Height gages

Surface plates
Raw Material Capabilities
  • Cycle Testing Fixtures
  • Multislide Tooling
  • Multislide CAMS
  • Go/no-go gages
  • In-process checking fixtures
  • Metal Stamping Die-Progressive
  • Metal Stamping Die-Compound
  • Assembly Tooling
  • Quality Fixtures jigs gages
  • Testing tooling equipment
  • Grinding Fixture & Plates
Progressive Dies
Tooling for 1 to 200 Tons Punch Presses
Life Cycle
We design and manufacture custom tooling with that exceeds the necessary tooling life cycle for your application
We can build tooling to meet customer's specific print tolerance and requirements Precision tolerance (machine tolerance) is available on request
  • Several light-duty heavy duty and radial drill
  • Presses
  • Several 20" Band Saws
  • Travelling Wire EDM
  • Vertical Mills
  • Jig Bore
  • CNC span Station Programming
  • Surface Grinders
  • Belt Sanders
  • Several 40" Lathes
  Machine Tooling
  • All fixtures
  • Height gages
  • Surface Plates
Our Certification
©2021 by Daepac. Metal Stamping Malaysia